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27 octobre 2018

Dear friends, welcome!

The Greek word for School, «Σχολείο» means exactly : free time.
Let’s reclaim its profound sense! Let’s form together the first Free • Democratic • Nomadic • Agile s-ChOoL😋 : heartful space-times, where members can pursue their dreams to all horizons and beyond.
Connect the world. Inspire. Make dreams come true.


Meet 🙏

Bond with fellow humans, in the real. Reconnect with your self and all humanity🌞. Embrace the world, in its diversity, and unity. 🌍💫

Share 🙌

Give what you have to offer. Receive what you need. Physically 💪 Emotionally 💓 Mentally 🧠 Spiritually 🧘‍♂

Create 🚀

Invent. Design.🎨 Perform.🤹🏼‍Enchant.🌈Inseminate.🧚‍

Travel ⛵️

Explore...🔭 Set out for the new, the unknown, the surprising 🗺 Experiment ⚗️ All paths, all journeys big and small.

Play 🤸‍

Have fun! Don’t take it too serious. Enjoy life.😉 🤸‍

want to know more? let's connect 🙏🏽