25 mai 2020


...-Let’s sport! 😃👣☀☀🐛🤸‍♀️💦

Where athleticism reaches an Olymp of human cooperation, bodymind communion and ...fun!

Voilà a festive meeting for souls and hearts -and all other muscles:)- to vibrate as one 🌍
stronger, higher, livelier!
beyond competition and dopamine >>> towards more oxytocin🧡 and togetherness 🤼‍♀️
through ancient cooperative sports ➕ new ones co-created 🤹‍♀️
where Olympics🌿 are refreshed and rejuvenated into the Olympian ideal
as we tweak the rules of old games to foster inclusiveness ⚽
making the 🌞 shine brighter! with all, by all, for all :
so people from all ages, nationalities, genders and looks can unite, win and celebrate together 🙌
and restore human kinhood🤝 on top of their intimate Olympus🗻.


Transforming a culture of winning against to a culture of winning with can change the face of the world we live in

Let's expand the experience 🌄

Have a look on the past Olympiands, and let's (hide and) seek for the upcoming ones !
  • August 9 2022 - Leiston, UK5th ❤️💙💛🖤🤍 CoOlympian Games edition at the Summerhill festival of childhood

    Who would have thought that freedom, equality, democracy, non-compulsion and the overall prioritising of children’s happiness and wellbeing over their academic achievements would have survived the rigidity of our educational system for over a century? Yet, here they are, against all odds, not just surviving but thriving! We have celebrated 100 years of Summerhill School and the inspirations A.S.Neill has given the world, sending out a loud message that “being on the side of the child” should be the first tenet of our society!
  • August 6 2020 - Stagones, Vlaxia, Greece4th 💙🤍🖤💛❤️ CoOlympian Games edition at scHoLuS POcuS❤️(He)ARTS🎨

    An Agile Learning community experience dedicated to the art of living, creation, music, storytelling, soul poetry, dance/bodymind exploration, cuisine, to mention but a few of the myriad of ways that our joint creativity will allow us to think and feel more deeply about our arts, hearts and earth, in playful nature immersion. Throughout these ten days we will weave together our Arts into a public performance. This event is rooted in the integrity of the Stagones creative haven, molded by The Hara-Goe project cultural and artistic initiative, and jointly animated by sChOoL 🤸 with Out frOntiers! ⛵ lively laboratory for free and open learning, with all, by all and for all.
  • October 4 2019 - Plitra & Skala, Lekonias, Greece3rd bis 💙🤍🖤❤️💚 (mini) CoOlympian Games edition at 🌎 scHoLuS POcuS Worldschooling Automnomy in Southern Lights

    This training was an immersive experience in The Southern Lights farm which facilitates youth workers from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Finland to design and implement land-based solutions that generate measurable ecological regeneration, promote human rights and responsibilities, and grow personal and community well-being. Worldschooling explorers, freelearners & globetrotters had the chance to explore< the neighboring Southern Lights initiative, meet the multi-perma-cultural PermaHabitat learners and exchange on their respective experiences. So inspiring! Thank you so much Sheila :)
  • August 8 2019 - Vinnytsia, Ukraine3rd 💙💛🖤💚❤️ CoOlympian Games edition at IDEC conference

    An incredible week! Sabine & Lonaïs participated in the International Democratic Education Conference in Ukraine. A weekfull of emotions, joy, laughters without frontiers, deep connections! How much we can grow together in such a kind environment goes beyond words and can hardly be captured in images... Next festival in Bulgaria and Nepal! Let's spread the freedom of learning the world over together.
  • June 16 2019 - London, UK2nd ❤️💙💚💛🖤 CoOlympian Games edition at the AntiUniversity Now Festival

    Since our first meeting with Shiri, one of AntiuniversityNow festival initiators in 2018, we found inspiration and also interesting connections between our open grassroot initiatives. One year later, Swift was there, proposing Olympian Games near Hyde Park's Reformer's Tree. Interesting how, numerically speaking, the Olympian Games at the AntiUniversity turned out quite Anti-climactic! but generous nature connections made up for the lack of direct human connections. And as you see, there was definitely one Olympian goddess on the pitch :) It was good practicing, Sabine, right ? :)
  • March 24 2019 - Amorgos Island, Greece 1st 💙🤍💚💛🖤 CoOlympian Games edition at 🌸 scHoLuS POcuS One with Nature ? pop-up school

    What a week ! On Amorgos island, the word was simple : all athletes would strive to make the sun shine ever brighter and become one with their divine nature. So after a masterly amateur ceremony, athletes didn’t compete into several disciplines and undisciplines : 🤸‍♀️not-so-long-jump (self-assessed) 🍊pass-me-the-orange challenge 🍭unsystematic system games (collectively uncoordinated) 🍉weird walk de-race (assesed by a certified jury, awarding strict marks ranging from "Helichryssum amorginum" to "Prasium Majus") 🍋bad-bag-jumping-crawling 🏄‍♀️sinking raft underwater surfing 🥗pic-nic delikatessen advantage 🐳siesta master tournament 🌸beach rubbish-volley bin trophy 💦laughter free runs (collective sport) Ready? set, go!


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