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14 mars 2023

Cooperation vs competition

Humans know mainly two ways of interacting : competition and cooperation*. Both exist since the onset of Life on Earth, none of them is due to disappear, they are a necessary expression of life and not mutually exclusive. Competition drives evolution through the incentive to go beyond and do better. […]
26 avril 2020

A Swift’s journey : from february 2018 to april 2020

Welcome to a journey through space and time. A lot happened since the beginning of this adventure. Here are our stories throughout some major milestones, so far. Hopefully many more will follow. Many thanks 🙏 for your heartwarming support ! ❤️
15 novembre 2019

Amorgos ‘SEEDS’ 25-29.10.19

At this end of October the Flying Carpet came back to this magic place that all the more of us feel like Home. It is the island lying across the waters of the Aegean like a sharp arrow signalling the way to the East: Amorgos !  Months after the Roots […]
2 novembre 2019

Pablo’s flight on the Carpet

As our dear and inspiring friend, Tina Compostina, says : changing the way we hold conversations at parties can have a potent impact on the world around us. And it did when it comes to the first participant who chose to hop on the Flying Carpet with us for 15 […]
12 avril 2019

Meeting Jan & Lya Visser

Thank you Lya and Jan Visser, for founding the Learning Without Frontiers scheme in the UNESCO 25 years ago, and for these inspiring walks and conversations today. In ancient times, Aristotle used to teach while walking in nature. Socrates nursed the birth of intelligence [...]
3 février 2019

Blog under sail …

…let’s weigh anchor,  cap’tains !