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A (co)laboratory in educational sciences

A constellation of soulful researchers in Educational Sciences. A feel tank, a teal team, a worldwide community running cross-displine research in all fields of learning 🤹‍♂️🔭⚗️. Join in! We exchange ideas. We experiment. We create tools for the future. We share them all, open-source. We grow together as humans.

scHoluS🌈PoCus! to re-enchant learning

Take part in Open-Agora agile happenings : pop-up schools all over the world connecting locals and foreign guests, mixing all diversity of people 🎎 cognitions⛲ connections🙏 stories 📜 & energies 💫 Have a look on our first events and experience the next ones in real!


a Flying carpet to learn in (e)motion 🧞‍♂️

An agile team of learners embarking on a one year journey through the world with any means possible🌍👣⛵️🏄‍♀️🚎🛵⛴🚲🚠🛶🚅🚀🚁🛸! This extraordinary adventure will be launched as soon as possible. Let’s start now building our common vessel, and jump aboard!


Agile workshops and trainings

Enhance abilities to understand, communicate and collaborate within a community, so to build trustful relationships and efficient projects. Discover methodologies and techniques, play both fun and serious games, dive into AGILE. Whether it's for your family and friends, school, association or small business, these 2 to 4 days of workshop are incredible life-changing experiences. Come and try out!


CoOlympian Games


Let's regenerate the ideal of Olympics and not only as tribute to the Greek roots of the association :). Let's replace competition by cooperation, athletics by aesthetics ^^ and extend it to all nations, ages, genders or handicaps. So that All as One, we could learn to win together.


Bring humans together

This is what mainly motivates SWiFt's actions when involving in projects such as UpLift or corRespondences : changing the narrative about migrants and build bridges between people from different regions of the world.

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