sChOlus pOcUs@Human Life Curriculum
20 janvier 2019
scHolus pOcuS 1
27 octobre 2018


OPEN FLOW on a cruise ⛵in The Saronic Gulf 🌊

Athens to Egina • Greece • November 2-5 • 2018

How can we dance with chance, together ? 🎲🎰In a wonderful manner ? 🎭 Is there a flow inside of us and also inbetween ? ⛲Shall we control this or let it go ? 🕹🎢 How can organizations manage fluidity ?

After the first sChOLus🌈pOcUS we were dreaming about our next mission : where the second edition would take place, about The Flow, Fluidity... We were thinking of a radically different setting from this first beautiful kickstarter in the gardens of Montreuil. Of course our longing for the SEA was very high. Right from its conception one key symbol of the sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵️ is this little boat with its sails wide open : that sounded like a promise and a manifesto...-we had to be up to it.

So that very night as we were brainstorming in Paris I receive this message from Captain Giorgos ( Out of the blue! Can’t say better.

I read it aloud to the team.

« Hi Lo, I know we met only once in our life 4 years ago, and haven’t talked again since then. But I thought about you lately. Asked the other friend George where you were, and he told me you are out for something about rekindling education all together.

Would be happy to help you guys find the missing right direction on board.

Ah..and, oh yeah - one of my boat is here available, for what it can serve. »

So I call him right away. And we plan to organise a sailing sChOlus🤸‍♀️pOcUS, in the Saronic Gulf, Greece, in two weeks time.

« And yeah by the way George, what’s the name of your boat?
-Serendipity »

That’s exactly as it happened. So much more serendipity and synchronicity came our way after that -and before...


want to be part of the next one? let's connect 🙏🏽