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3 février 2019
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2 novembre 2019

Meeting Jan & Lya Visser

👋 Meeting Jan & Lya Visser

Eyragues • France • September 20-21 • 2018

Thank you Lya and Jan Visser, for founding the Learning Without Frontiers scheme in the UNESCO 25 years ago, and for these inspiring walks and conversations today.

In ancient times, Aristotle used to teach while walking in nature.
Socrates nursed the birth of intelligence on the market place (agora).
And Plato’s Academy was none other than the name of a garden.

The word « school » means free time, leisure, in Greek.
...What a remarkable evolution have all these words and concepts undergone!

Do we really need walls, desks, time constraints, coercition, forceful pressure for better learning?
We just need our head free, our heart free and our free & mobile body.
Let’s look past the neon lights, back into the stars.

What is better for the heart, mind, body and soul : no roof and the infinity of sky and stars,
or a flat ceiling with artificial light?

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

We extend an invitation to everyone, to renew and re-enchant our comprehension of the world, at the dawn of the 21st century.

Let’s keep walking..!

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