Dear friends, welcome!

The Greek word for School, «Σχολείο» means exactly : free time.
Let’s reclaim its profound sense! Let’s form together the first Free • Democratic • Nomadic • Agile s-ChOoL😋 : heartful space-times, where members can pursue their dreams to all horizons and beyond.
Connect the world. Inspire. Make dreams come true.


sChOoL 🤸 with Out frOntiers! ⛵ aspires to free and open learning in connection to the world, with All, by All and for All. It is designed to bridge the divides in all spheres of learning, including ages, disciplines, cultures, reclaiming the meaning of 'school' and in this way transforming 21st century education.


Our 5 pillars


Meet 🙏

Bond with fellow humans, in the real. Reconnect with your self and all humanity🌞. Embrace the world, in its diversity, and unity. 🌍💫

Share 🙌

Give what you have to offer. Receive what you need. Physically 💪 Emotionally 💓 Mentally 🧠 Spiritually 🧘‍♂

Create 🚀

Invent. Design.🎨 Perform.🤹🏼‍Enchant.🌈Inseminate.🧚‍

Travel ⛵️

Explore...🔭 Set out for the new, the unknown, the surprising 🗺 Experiment ⚗️ All paths, all journeys big and small.

Play 🤸‍

Have fun! Don’t take it too serious. Enjoy life.😉 🤸‍

We are a not-for-profit organization teaming up to create more connectedness between people (networking, collective intelligence, democracy) to oneself (self-awareness, autonomy, personal growth) and with the world (more-than-human, nature & culture) so as to skillfully adapt to living in a world where profound uncertainty is not a bug but a feature. Relation, cooperation, research and plurality are at the core of what we do. Our goal is to transform 21st century education by re-enchanting learning.



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